The Burger Priest

Secret menu. Add as many patties as you like. The Tower of Babel. These all make the Burger Priest stand out from the endless other gourmet burger joints that Toronto offers. As it was my first time there, we decided to go with more normal options, the Priest (combo $16) and What’s Right ($18).

The Burger Priest
The Priest: the namesake burger with an “option”- fried breaded mushroom stuffed with cheese, sandwiched in.

The Priest was extra juicy and delicious. The patties are of the flatter variety, but very meaty and not McD’s/puck like at all. The option added extra fried greasy goodness – cause really, how can you go wrong with extra fried mushroom and cheese? The fries are thin and McD’s like (I mean this in a good way) and kept crunchy despite being packed in a take-out bag.

The Burger Priest
Fries: nicely thin and crunchy, yay!

What’s Right is a combo that includes a Double, chili cheese fries, a cookie and drink. I’m guessing the double was equally delicious as by the time I unwrapped and took a photo of the priest, A had already inhaled the double.

The Burger Priest
The Double: why have one patty when you can have two?

The chili cheese fries tasted like… fries with chili and cheese. Though pretty good initially, the thin fries became soggy half way through. So unless you’re a big fan of chili cheese fries, I’d stick with plain fries.

The Burger Priest
Chili Cheese Fries: mmm, that’s some shiny cheese!

So does it live up to the hype? I think the burger certainly does! Worth returning to? Probably, to try the Tower of Babel, but not frequently due to their location (the beaches) and price.

Thursday evening, October 6, 2011.
The Burger Priest
1636 Queen St E

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