The Little House of Kabobs

Looking for a quick dinner on Yonge, we dropped into the Little House of Kabobs (with the giant sign). The walls were plastered with photos of every menu item, including every combination of kabobs you can think of. Oddly, none of us felt like kabobs that night, opting for lamb shanks and an eggplant, beef & lentil stew instead.

The Little House of Kebobs
Clockwise from bottom: Lentil soup, lamb shank, plain rice, salad and dill rice.

After placing our order at the counter, we sat down and helped ourselves to the complementary strong black tea. Served all at once, with each meal came the option of a garden salad or lentil soup.

The Little House of Kebobs
From top: Eggplant stew, salad, and shakers of sumac, salt, pepper and… a bowl of sugar cubes

The lamb shanks were tender, and fell off the bone with the lightest poke. The eggplant was the tastiest part of the lentil beef stew. The lentils had a slight bitter flavour of what I would describe as “dried orange peel” that put me off it, but M seemed to enjoy it. With each dish came a large platter of rice topped with some yellowy saffron rice, a pita, and a pat of butter. The rice served with the lamb shank was mixed with a mystery herb that looked like dried dill – but didn’t have any particular taste. On the table there were also shakers of a red herb we guessed was dried sumac.

Although a bit divey in appearance, the Little House of Kabobs is a great option for a fast and cheap meal on Yonge!

UPDATE: The Little House of Kabobs has moved locations to 1480 Major MacKenzie Drive, Richmond Hill.

Saturday Evening, December 28, 2011
The Little House of Kabobs
357 Yonge St, Toronto

Little House Kebobs on Urbanspoon

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