Shiso Tree Cafe

Shiso Tree Cafe, located in J-Town, serves Japanese-style Italian food (more specifically, pasta). After reading a few favorable reviews, we pounced on a daily deal as an excuse to try it out.

Shiso Tree Cafe Bolognese Fries

We decided to order fries as a starter. Although the restaurant was not very busy at the time we arrived, the service was friendly but slow – at points it was difficult to catch the waitresses’ attention. When we finally received our bowl of crispy fries smothered in a tomato-y bolognese sauce, it was practically inhaled in our hunger.

Shiso Tree CafeShiso Tree Salad

We also ordered two pasta dishes, which came with a side salad and garlic toast.

Shiso Tree CafeTarako Prawn Cream Pasta

Being a fan of cream-based sauces, I chose the tarako prawn cream (also available without cream), which came with four large prawns, shimeji mushrooms, and shredded nori in a garlicky cream sauce.

Shiso Tree CafeShiso Clam White Wine Pasta

Q had the clam and white wine pasta, which came with little chunks of bacon and shredded shiso leaves. While still good, we both preferred the tarako prawn cream with its bolder flavours. Although initially concerned as the portions seemed to be on the smaller side, we found ourselves to be quite full as we finished our dishes.

Shiso Tree CafeMatcha Azuki Sundae

And because there is always room for dessert, we decided to order a sundae and crème brûlée to end the meal. The sundae consisted of a typical vanilla soft-serve, with sweetened azuki beans and a slightly bitter matcha syrup which cut the sweetness of the dessert nicely.

Shiso Tree CafeGreen Tea Crème Brûlée

Q had the green tea crème brûlée. Although she enjoyed the dessert, she was left struggling to eat with a fork, as that was the utensil presented alongside.

Even with the strange utensil pairing at the end and the slow service, we really enjoyed the food here and hope to return soon!

Note: We revisited Shiso Tree Cafe in 2013. Read about it here.

Saturday Afternoon, December 17, 2011.
Shiso Tree Cafe
3160 Steeles Ave E, Markham

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