The Oriental Gourmet

The Oriental Gourmet is located in the “No Frills Plaza” on Silver Star Boulevard. In Chinese, the restaurant is 潮陽小館 or “chiu yeung siew goon”. Due to the Chiu Chow restaurant’s relatively small size, it’s a good idea to make a reservation or to go early. For those who don’t read or speak Chinese, ordering should not be an issue as the menu is numbered, with each dish listed in both Chinese and English.

The Oriental Gourmet
Half a Chiu Yeung Style Smoked Duck on Sugar Cane 10.95
Braised foods, including duck and geese, are a famous part of Chiu Chow cuisine, so we started off with the “Chiu Yeung Style Smoked Duck on Sugar Cane,” a duck marinated in a soy-based sauce known as lu zhi and subjected to hot-smoking. Neatly divided into bite sized pieces, the duck was juicy and fairly easy to eat.

The Oriental Gourmet
Duck Feet with Baby Vegetables 8.95
One of my dilemmas when ordering dishes at Chinese restaurants is whether or not to order vegetables. When a full dish of meat is only a few dollars more, why order an easy-to-replicate-at-home plate of greens? We decided to go with the interesting-sounding bok choy with mushrooms and… duck feet. They were similar to a colourless and deboned version of the popular Phoenix Claws dim sum dish. The duck feet tasted vaguely like bamboo shoot innards, and were easy to eat (if you can get past the fact that they are duck feet) due to their de-boned status.

The Oriental Gourmet
Pan Fried Xenentodon with House Sauce 11.50
Our last dish was a deep fried fish recommended to us via word of mouth. Unlike the deboned fillets usually found at fish and chip shops, the unbattered fish is simply chopped in half and fried, head, tails and all. Although the fish was fresh and crispy, but it didn’t seem particularly special or worthy of recommendation. This dish is also fairly hard to eat if you’re unaccustomed to picking out fish bones, although the deep-frying renders the smaller bones crispy and edible!

The Oriental Gourmet
Complimentary Red Bean Dessert
Complimentary desserts used to be a common occurrence at most Chinese restaurants, but now only appear at larger restaurants or if you’re a regular. The free red bean dessert provided at the end of the meal was a very welcome surprise.

Despite our random selection of food, none of the dishes disappointed and we look forward to returning and trying the other selections offered here.

Friday Evening, March 16, 2012
The Oriental Gourmet
633 Silver Star Blvd, Toronto
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