Porchetta & Co

As much as I love all things soupy, there are times when nothing can beat a well-crafted sandwich. Portable, handheld, and capable of delivering a perfect bite, the 4th Earl of Sandwich clearly knew what he was doing. One of the best sandwiches I’ve had recently was Porchetta & Co’s seasonal soft shell crab po’boy.

Porchetta & Co
Soft Shell Crab Po’boy $11.95
Available on Saturdays at 5PM, the po’boy consists of fried soft shell crab, topped with coleslaw and bacon on a soft hot-dog bun. Usually the only soft shell crab I can easily find are the small pieces hidden in spider rolls. However, in the po’boy the crab is the main focus, an entire crab complimented by the crunchy coleslaw and bacon, is enough to satisfy any cravings (or else you can buy more).

Porchetta & Co
Porchetta Sandwich with Mozzerella and Truffle Sauce $8.15(Photo by A)
However, Porchetta & Co is more widely known for popularizing their namesake sandwich in Toronto. Porchetta is pork shoulder wrapped in proscuitto, wrapped in pork belly, roasted, and served in slices. Predictably, the three pork products are delicious, especially when topped with cheese and truffle sauce. However, critics of the sandwich have pointed out Porchetta’s similarity to roast pork, readily available at Asian barbecue joints across the GTA.

Porchetta & Co
Porchetta Breakfast Sandwich $6.45
The breakfast version, available Saturday mornings, has smoked gouda, crackling, and a fried egg topping a regular porchetta sandwich. I prefer the breakfast sandwich as it tastes like what a sausage egg-McMuffin always promises to be, but never is.

Apart from sandwiches, Porchetta & Co also serves their porchetta in plates, with sides. The baked romano beans ($3.95) are best – thickly doused in barbecue sauce and served with pieces of crackling! As well, porchetta and waffles is a special on offer today and tomorrow.

Visited various times over 2011 and 2012. Most recently April 14, 2012.
Porchetta & Co
825 Dundas St W, Toronto

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