Shogun Ramen

Sansotei! Santouka! Kinton! Kenzo! There are plenty of ramen choices in Toronto nowadays (and we’ve tried them all, we’ll get to writing about them eventually…). However, working uptown makes it unfeasible to have lunch at any of these ramen places. Sure, there are Niwatei, Ippudo, and Yokozuna, but none are particularly outstanding (Ajisen and Jyuban don’t even count). We were excited to hear that Shogun Ramen had opened not downtown, but in Richmond Hill.

Shogun Ramen
Shogun Ramen’s Tonkotsu 9.95
Shogun’s menu is simple with only 6 noodle options. The usual tonkotsu, miso, shio and shoyu ramen are accompanied by a spicy seafood “Karashi Champon” and a mixed seafood udon, “Woolmen”. P and I both opted to try their Tonkotsu, which arrived with an egg, cha siu, wood ear, pickled bamboo, bok choy, pickled ginger and a garnish of spring onions. Shichimi, or Japanese Seven Spice was provided with the noodles.

Shogun Ramen
Shogun’s Noodles
I finally remembered to take a photo of noodles prior to inhaling the bowl of ramen! Shogun’s Tonkotsu is a creamy broth, tasty enough on its own, but cannot match Sansotei’s in richness. Their noodles are straight , and while not quite as al dente as Kinton’s, still possess a decent bite to them. Both components are good enough on their own, and combine to make decent bowl of ramen, placing Shogun on par with Kenzo.

Shogun Ramen
Shogun’s after-noodle snacks aka the cheeseless cheese plate?
After finishing our ramen, we were presented with a small plate of mildly sweet seaweed crackers. This was a nice touch, considering most ramen places don’t have any sort of dessert (although Sansotei offers ice cream mochi).

Shogun Ramen
Shogun’s Interior: Bonus points for showing the food network instead of music videos or sports!
Overall, Shogun is worth a visit if you happen to be in the area, but not quite worth trekking out to, especially with all the ramen options downtown.

Thursday Afternoon, November 29, 2012.
Shogun Ramen
10097 Yonge St, Richmond Hill
Shogun Ramen on Urbanspoon

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