Mozy’s Shawarma

Although there are many variations, shawarma at its simplest is a wrap stuffed full of delicious meat shavings. Somehow, I failed to have any shawarma in Ottawa (despite spending months there), where you can spot at least one shawarma place on any street corner. Thankfully, in Waterloo I did not make the same mistake, as Mozy’s Shawarma is the best shawarma.

Mozy's Shawarma
Mozy’s Full Flavour Shawarma & Falafels
Since wraps are the ultimate student-friendly portable meal, there are more pita/wrap/shawarma places than you can count in Waterloo. Mozy’s stands out, through their attention to detail. Passing by on University, Mozy’s attracts attention by placing their accent-lit rotating spit of chicken as close to the window as possible. Inside, at the far end of the counter, is the fairly simple menu along with a register with a small customer-facing screen, allowing you to ensure your order is correct.

Mozy's Shawarma
Mozy’s Spice: sriracha!
The correct order at Mozy’s is the full flavoured shawarma. They have a regular shawarma that many do order, but it will dilute your enjoyment of meat shavings with tomatoes and lettuce. (Seriously though, there’s nothing wrong with the regular shawarma, you’ll just be missing out!) The full flavoured shawarma is created by first rubbing the pita on the rotating spit to absorb the juices of the roasting meat, then toasting said pita, before mounding it with chicken, hummus, pickles, and fries. Next, the option is given for spicy or not spicy, to which the answer should (almost) always be spicy. Mozy’s uses sriracha. The whole process can be watched through mozy’s excessively large sneeze guards (think of the plastic shielding found at hockey rinks above the boards).

Sproll's Fine German Bakery
Sproll’s Fine German Cheesecake (not actually available at Mozy’s)
Mozy’s also makes good falafels, with a light lemony flavour. Only on our most recent visit in September did we finally try them, as we could never trade a shawarma wrap for a falafel wrap. Of course, the solution is to get both, with falafel as a side order! Mozy’s also has baklava for sale, but we’ve never tried it due to the high probability of having raided the Sproll’s Fine German Bakery’s stall at the Kitchener’s Farmers Market for all their remaining cheesecake!

Mozy’s Shawarma is definitely worth trying, and we have actually driven all the way back to Waterloo just for their shawarma.

Visited numerous times in 2011 and 2012.
Mozy’s Shawarma
247 King Street N, Waterloo
Mozy's Shawarma on Urbanspoon
Sproll’s Fine German Bakery
300 Trillium Dr, Kitchener
Sproll's Fine German Bakery on Urbanspoon

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