High Street Fish and Chips

Back in January, other P discovered High Street Fish and Chips, who also serve homemade shortbread, meat pies, and haggis, in addition to their namesake fish and chips. Six months later, we finally made it to High Street Fish and Chips, in an unassuming plaza off of Lawrence.

The small dining room filled up quickly during the Friday lunch rush, but luckily we were able to grab the last table. The menu was very informative, and it was nice to know that all their fish is sourced from a single sustainable fishery in Nova Scotia.

High Street Fish and Chips
Haddock and Chips 10.15
We began with the haddock, which arrived as one large battered filet, with chips and tartar sauce on the side. The batter on the fish was light and crunchy, and the chips hot and deliciously crispy.

High Street Fish and Chips
Steak and Mushroom Pie, with mash and gravy 10.15
Although fish and chips is in High Streets’ name, I could not resist getting a meat pie (also available frozen), which they make with their own pastry. The pie crust was flaky, and filled with chunks of steak and mushroom. With an option to have chips, tattie scones (potato scones), or mashed potato along with the pie, I opted to try the mash. The three scoops of potato were very finely mashed and tasted of the instant variety. In future visits I would probably opt for the delicious chips, or to try the scones instead.

UPDATE: The mash is in fact not instant, but made with the same potatoes as their chips!

High Street Fish and Chips
Complimentary Bread, Butter and Sauce
Along with our meal came complimentary bread and butter. Each table also had “Fish & Chip Vinegar”, and a homemade brown sauce featuring Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Not being a huge fan of vinegar, I preferred the gravy and tartar sauce that came with our dishes.

Unfortunately, as we were running short on time, we did not get to try their sticky toffee pudding or shortbread this visit. We would definitely return to High Street Fish and Chips for more fish and chips, to try out their other meat pies, as well as for dessert.

*All photos by other P.

Visited Friday afternoon, June 7, 2013
High Street Fish and Chips
55 Underhill Dr, North York
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